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Your Guide to the Durable Skills Advantage Framework

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The downloadable Starter Edition provides a comprehensive overview of the Durable Skills Advantage Framework, featuring definitions for each of the 82 skills covered and a summary of each rubric domain at the applying level. This version grants you access to detailed definitions of associated sub-skills.

The full Durable Skills Advantage Framework includes definitions for all skills at each level of performance – emerging, developing, applying, and exceeding.

The Durable Skills wheel is a visual tool from America Succeeds that sorts 100 leading skills into ten main competencies and corresponding sub-skills.

To access the full version, start by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. Following your form submission, our team will reach out to discuss your use case and pricing tailored to your specific needs.

America Succeeds partnered with Common Group, an equity and human-centered design firm, who conducted qualitative research with educators and students around the country who represent historically divested groups. Ensuring representation throughout the data collection process allowed for a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by diverse groups, and appropriate, people-centered solutions.

In 2019, America Succeeds began testing the hypothesis that all jobs require Durable Skills. We grouped a hundred related keywords into 110+ Durable Skills competencies based on 21st-century skills research and analyzed more than 82 million job postings in partnership with Lightcast. Building on this work, we developed the Durable Skills Advantage Framework in four phases. Phase I involved subject matter experts defining the 110 competencies across four levels. Phase II and Phase III involved gathering feedback from businesses, educators, and other stakeholders on the rubric’s relevance across varying contexts. In Phase IV, we integrated all of that feedback into two versions – the downloadable Starter Edition and the full Durable Skills Advantage Framework.

During the Framework development process, it became apparent that selected keyword terms’ similarity could lead to ambiguity in distinguishing between competencies and their sub-skills. We addressed this by consolidating competencies and sub-skills where ambiguity could exist. Additionally, we identified equity concerns and proactively eliminated terms to prevent any bias or inequity. As a result of these provisions, not all 110 skills are represented in the Framework.

The Framework is the world’s first employer-generated equity-driven set of shared definitions for Durable Skills. Having employers contribute to the creation of the definitions allows the Framework to better reflect the needs of various industries and to support more effective Durable Skill development programs. This approach also empowers job seekers to identify the skills they have and those they need, therefore benefitting both employers and job seekers alike. Please download America Succeeds’ “The High Demand for Durable Skills” report to learn more.

The Framework serves as a foundation for the development of future assessments and evaluations across, although it is not currently a diagnostic tool.

Ensuring equitable implementation features is essential to maximize the Framework’s benefits for a diverse range of individuals. For instance, implementers can enhance accessibility by tailoring assessments to account for regional resources, such as educator capacity or internet access. Moreover, tools based on the Framework should remain adaptable to address evolving access challenges and reflect the dynamic nature of the job market.

The ultimate goal of America Succeeds’ Durable Skills initiative is to ensure more individuals have access to fulfilling and economically mobile pathways for the mutual benefit of learners, employers, and their communities. We would be happy to connect to share additional resources or explore partnership opportunities. Please contact us to learn more.