Discover the pivotal role Durable Skills play in reshaping educational institutions and the workforce landscape in America Succeeds' exclusive podcast series, "The Durable Skills Advantage."

Throughout these episodes, you’ll learn why these skills are important for bridging the gap between education and workforce, and actionable strategies to invest and cultivate Durable Skills. Check out the series below to explore the full potential of Durable Skills in shaping tomorrow’s workforce.

Episode 1

The Durable Skills Advantage Series: Why Develop Durable Skills?

Somehow seven of the 10 ten skills most requested by recruiters aren’t integrated into most core curricula in our nation’s schools. If we start changing this fact today, we could change tomorrow for learners, communities and businesses across the nation. In this first chapter, we explore the ways Durable Skills lend a lasting advantage to the individuals and organizations that invest time and energy into nurturing and developing them.

Episode 2

The Durable Skills Advantage Series: What Are Durable Skills?

If research shows employers want candidates with skills like risk management, collaboration and critical thinking, why are so few education programs teaching those skills? This second chapter in the series elaborates on America Succeeds’ Durable Skills Advantage Framework, and how it translates into day-to-day operations for educators, employers and workforce agencies.

Episode 3

The Durable Skills Advantage Series: How Can Communities Invest in Durable Skills?

Research shows Durable Skills are in demand, but how do employers, educators and learners develop these competencies? Where do they start? In this final chapter of the series, we delve into the four most helpful tactics for transforming durable skills from a community’s dream to a job candidate’s reality.